Innovative approach.
High results.

SoBa's 'Powerformer' lies at the very core of our innovative approach pilates, designed with a sharp eye to detail and high end craftsmanship by SoBa's Sam James. The 'Powerformer' represents the next evolutions in Health & Fitness in Hertfordshire.

The ‘Powerformer’ has been designed for an intense full body workout using slow movement. With more springs and platforms than the traditional pilates reformer. Workouts on the ‘Powerformer’ will strengthen, tone and elongate muscles speeding up metabolism to encourage fat loss, increase flexibility and improve postural alignment for all over well being.


SoBa's ‘Powerformer’ classes combine Pilates, Cardio and Strength/Endurance with special attention to the core. All basic elements of fitness are utilised without stress on the joints. Built for precision, resistance, full range of motion in all planes of motion. Strict tempo and duration ensure the correct threshold of exercise is reached to stimulate the body's adaptive change. The ‘Powerformer’ has 8 adjustable springs instead of the conventional 5 to allow a customisable resistance load.

If fitness is the destination, let the journey begin...