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Introduction to SoBa pilates

If you are interested in pilates at SoBa this guide covers everything you need to know to start your pilates journey with us. You can jump to a section by clicking on the below options or read each section in order to learn about what we offer.


Our classes are super friendly, inclusive and are suitable for men and women of all levels of fitness and experience.

The pilates we offer

Dynamic reformer pilates

Traditional Pilates is an exercise method that combines controlled movements with focused breathing to improve physical fitness and promote mental well-being. It is usually completed on a mat, similar to yoga.


Reformer Pilates is a specialised form of Pilates that uses a unique piece of equipment called a “reformer” to enhance core strength, flexibility, and body alignment through controlled resistance-based exercises.


Finally, dynamic reformer pilates (the pilates we offer) is a type of reformer Pilates which offers a dynamic and challenging workout for those seeking an elevated Pilates experience.

The SoBa method

Our unique method

The SoBa Method is not just about the unique classes we have developed, but it also has a lot to do with our custom-designed reformer.


Our “Powerformer”, designed by Sam James (founder of SoBa), lies at the very core of our innovative approach to Pilates. The ‘Powerformer’ is the next evolution in Pilates.


It has been designed for an intense full-body workout using slow movements. With a bigger, longer carriage, and more springs and platforms than the traditional pilates reformer.


Workouts on the ‘Powerformer’ will strengthen, tone, and elongate muscles speeding up metabolism to encourage fat loss, increase flexibility, and improve postural alignment for overall well-being.

The benifits of our method

Why the SoBa method?

SoBa’s ‘Powerformer’ classes combine Pilates, cardio, strength, endurance and functional resistance training with special attention to the core. All basic elements of fitness are utilised without stress on the joints. Built for precision, resistance, and full range of motion in all planes of motion.


Strict tempo and 55-minute duration ensure the correct threshold of exercise is reached to stimulate the body’s adaptive change. The ‘Powerformer’ has 8 adjustable springs instead of the conventional 5 to allow a customisable resistance load.


The SoBa method is also ideal for people who want to improve their sporting performance.

Build strength by focusing on individual muscles. You will know you have worked them afterwards.

Strengthen the “powerhouse” resulting in coordinated, controlled movement throughout the body, improved posture and a longer leaner torso.

A whole body workout where you’ll notice inner and outer thigh focus, waist, core and abs, your triceps and your glutes – resulting in a stronger and sculpted body.

Exercises designed to lengthen your muscles.

Strengthening for firmer muscles.

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Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered

Some people still think Pilates is just for women. Think again! Pilates was created by a man for men and women alike. Dynamic Reformer Pilates is an effective form of exercise because it develops core strength and improves posture and alignment. That’s something men can benefit from just as much as women. What’s the point of being fit and strong but weak through the centre. That in itself can lead to lower back pain… Hence why we include moves on the ‘Powerformer’ especially for the male physique.

You should start with our New Member Intro. Dynamic is a tough workout so starting a little gentler with a Foundation Dynamic Class will mean you build up some basic strength before jumping into our Dynamic classes.

Great, Dynamic reformer Pilates is perfect for you. We recommend you start with our New Member Intro.

Yes, while our Dynamic classes are a tough workout beginners can start with our foundation classes. These gentler classes will enable to to build up your strength and fitness before moving onto our more advanced classes. Start with our New Member Intro.

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