Before your 1st class

Important introduction information

Read this page before your first class

You will have read all about our classes and memberships but what about your first visit? You may have many questions.
We hope to answer them all here so you can arrive with confidence and enjoy!

It’s really important to watch the two short videos on this page.

Arriving at SoBa

Getting here

Your first class can seem daunting, but please don’t worry, our classes are super friendly and unintimidating. Getting to SoBa for the first time we’d like to show you where we are along Barnes lane and where to park depending on which time your class is.


We all like to park with each other in mind to avoid any unnecessary stress when arriving and leaving. Take a look at the short video.

First class & machine safety

Safety video

It’s ESSENTIAL you watch the safety video BEFORE your 1st class. It’s really important for you to take a look at the equipment you will be using before you arrive for your first class. This will give you the confidence to get stuck straight into a session.

What should I wear & bring

Arrive prepared

Bring some water and a small towel, as we hope you will work up a sweat.


Ladies wear comfortable stretchy leggings and top or a Pilates-designed body suit. Men, wear a training top and shorts.


We’d like you to wear grip socks in the studio and grip mitts. Below are some helpful links but feel free to search for your own.

How often you should come

Classes per week

You get out what you put in! At SoBa we work to the rule that of you train once a week you will feel a difference. Come to 2 classes per week and you’ll see a difference. Workout with us 3-4 times per week and you’ll enjoy body transforming results.


This obviously depends on your eating habits and activity levels outside of class. As with all exercise journeys, a healthy lifestyle is essential. Use our cardio gym in between classes, it’s part of your membership.

How will you feel

After your first class

Your first week of Reformer Pilates will leave you wondering where these muscles have been all your life! You’ll ache in new places and should really feel it. This is due to DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. This should only happen after classes 1-3.


We recommend a hot bath with epsom salts to ease the aching and to sooth the soul after each class. Your body will get used to the exercise and cause much less discomfort the longer you continue on your fitness journey.

Getting the best results

Get the most out of SoBa

Mix up your classes. Once you are comfortable with the Powerformer beds and you feel your fitness and strength are improving (this can happen quite quickly) it is ideal to vary your classes.


We have a large choice of classes including Kettle Bell Classes, HIIT style sessions, Power Pilates and of course our cardio gym is available for you to use, during opening hours, as part of your membership. A combinations of frequency and variety will help you achieve amazing results.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions,

please contact us today.