SoBa Pilates and Fitness is more than just a workout, it's about you, your strength, flexibility & posture and our community. We're about feeling good, from our Kings Langley base in Hertfordshire.

If fitness is the destination, let the journey begin...



Our Classes


Dynamic Pilates

Our signature workout combining strength and conditioning with the highly beneficial mind body principles of pilates.

Kettlebell Pilates

Added kettlebell intervals bring a more athletic, energising and dynamic boost to our signature class on the 'Powerformer'.

Power Pilates

Dynamic Pilates with cross over fitness added intervals for an intense workout. A real pilates bootcamp.


Pilates rocks!

We offer a range of small group Pilates classes based around SoBa's designed ‘Powerformer’ Pilates reformer machine. Book now and boost your fitness regime.


The 'Powerformer'


The ‘Powerformer’ has been designed for an intense full body workout using slow movement. With more springs and platforms than the traditional pilates reformer. Workouts on the ‘Powerformer’ will strengthen, tone and elongate muscles speeding up metabolism to encourage fat loss, increase flexibility and improve postural alignment for all over well being.


Class packages


Our most popular pilates packages are here, but we offer a variety of packages to suit all our classes and your needs.

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